Peter is a senior sales and marketing director with 25-plus years of experience leading CPG manufacturers to breakthrough results. He holds deep experience with start-up and corporate re-organizational structures, from contract pack manufacturing to national brand marketing.

His introduction to sales occurred at Duracell Battery Company in Bethel, CT, where he was trained by former Proctor and Gamble unit and district managers and learned the P&G five-step methodology. He began as a territory manager, was promoted to Regional sales trainer, was subsequently promoted to District sales manager, and ultimately promoted to Regional sales manager.

In addition, Peter worked at Terrell Associates in Clearwater, FL, selling RX topicals and OTC healthcare and beauty products to major national drug and mass market retailers; worked at Pharma Pac, LLC in DeKalb, MS, delivering sales leadership from startup in 2008 to exceed sales of $18.5 million in 2013; and worked with Guy & O’Neill, Inc. in Fredonia, WI, joining the management team as a key account manager delivering national sales and marketing leadership.