Our service men and women work in punishing environments, endure harsh battlefield conditions, and live in constant peril. When a soldier is affected by explosive shock, direct impact, or an unfortunate accident, commanding officers need portable equipment that provides defining results in a portable package. With blinktbi’s breakthrough technology, that ability is not only available, but available within one minute.

What makes Eyestat field-ready:

High-Speed Analysis: Conducting the test and concluding the results take under one minute total.

Total Portability: EyeStat is housed in a compact Pelican case that is lightweight, making it easy for transport, use and storage.

Objective Results: The involuntary blink reflex cannot be manipulated by the subject.

Battery Operation: With a long battery life, EyeStat travels the distance needed for missions.

Lightweight Design: Weighing under 5 lbs, the device is perfectly suited for mobile operations and troop movement.