Over 20 seconds, a subject’s involuntary blink reflex is randomly induced 5 times by passing light puffs of air across the subject’s eyelash. During the test, over 12,000 data points are captured and then analyzed using EyeStat’s proprietary software platform and algorithm. Within one minute, the results of four physiological variables of the blink reflex are shown on the device screen for interpretation by a medical professional.

Easy Operation: EyeStat has an intuitive user interface and is easy to use. Everything from setting up the device, logging in, to running a scan on a subject can be done by anyone and requires minimal training. The device is lightweight and portable and can be operated from anywhere.

Accurate Assessment: EyeStat provides users with 100% objective quantitative data of the blink reflex. The involuntary blink reflex cannot be manipulated by the subject.

Clear-Cut Results: Within one minute, test results indicate whether or not there is abnormality of the blink reflex. Results are conclusive and displayed in an intuitive manner for medical professionals.