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Blinktbi has developed world’s first FDA-cleared technology indicated to measure and assess the blink reflex. Blinktbi's game-changing device, called EyeStat™, delivers objective data about the blink reflex in under one minute by stimulating and measuring the blink reflex using light puffs of air, high speed videography and a proprietary algorithm. EyeStat™ is non-invasive, lightweight and completely portable.
How it Works

How it Works

EyeStat™ by blinktbi delivers 5 light puffs of air, directed near the eyelashes, to trigger the blink reflex in a 20 second test. The system employs the use of high-speed videography to record the blink reflex, track the eyelids, and measure the reflex time, duration, and other variables using a proprietary algorithm. Because this is based on human reflexes, test results cannot be manipulated by the patient.

5 Puffs of Air Directed Near the Eyelashes

Blink Reflex is Filmed for 20 Seconds

Conclusive Results are Generated in Under One Minute

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