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Blinktbi has developed world’s first FDA-cleared technology indicated to measure and assess the blink reflex. Blinktbi's game-changing device, called EyeStat™, delivers objective data about the blink reflex in under one minute by stimulating and measuring the blink reflex using light puffs of air, high speed videography and a proprietary algorithm. EyeStat™ is non-invasive, lightweight and completely portable.
How it Works

How it Works

EyeStat™ by blinktbi delivers 5 light puffs of air, directed near the eyelashes, to trigger the blink reflex in a 20 second test. The system employs the use of high-speed videography to record the blink reflex, track the eyelids, and measure the reflex time, duration, and other variables using a proprietary algorithm. Because this is based on human reflexes, test results cannot be manipulated by the patient.

5 Puffs of Air Directed Near the Eyelashes

Blink Reflex is Filmed for 20 Seconds

Conclusive Results are Generated in Under One Minute

In this demonstration of EyeStat, the subject's blink reflex is being stimulated as high speed cameras record the eyes.
A view of our Generation 3 commercial device, EyeStat.
A view of our Generation 3 commercial device, EyeStat.
Our Generation 2 Blink Reflexometer scanned the ECHL Stingrays Hockey Team in 2017

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